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Our Story

Our Story

We are a family who loves our animals. We have been blessed with wonderful pets who have played a big role in rearing our daughter! Our first experience of raw feeding happened twenty-one years ago with our bullmastiff, Kismet. For the first two years of her life, Kismet was plagued by health problems. The worst of these was a skin condition which would start as a rash and erupt into raw, open sores. After what felt like endless failed attempts with conventional veterinary treatments (antibiotics, cortisone) we were advised to put our gorgeous girl down and end her suffering. In desperation we searched for a holistic vet. The solution was simple – food! The new vet told us to get her off pellets and onto real food – as nature intended her to eat. Her life was literally saved by switching her from an extremely expensive kibble/pellet dog food to the raw, real dog food diet. She lived a long, happy, and healthy life.

Happy Customer

My fur niece and nephew love the lick a lolly. My colleagues also have started purchasing items here. Their digs from what I hear, also love the lick a lolly.

Pam Hendricks

Awesome friendly staff and products. Thanks guys

Kevin Joos

I have been using As Nature Intended, raw food for dogs, for 5 years. Always great service, when I was able to go in and collect. I use their delivery service now, and that is just great. Only one ageing dog left, and she is on Low Fat Dog-a-Bone dinners. And loves them. Doreen D

Doreen Daubermann